TAMA Martial Arts Instructor Attends Gracie Defense Systems (BJJ/Brazilian Jiujitsu) Seminar for Air Force and to Enhance TAMA Classes

Dayton, OH – Randal Dannenfelser, TAMA martial arts instructor, learned new sexual assault prevention techniques at the Gracie Defense Systems (GDS) Women Empowerment seminar March 10-14 2014.  Randal will be teaching the GDS Women Empowerment class for the Air Force, as well as incorporating these techniques to enhance the Womens Assault Prevention (WAP!) program at TAMA martial arts.  Randal said “I’ve been a student at TAMA for 15 years, and they continue to improve and refine their many classes to have the best state of the art martial arts training in the Dayton area.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Master Manuel Taningco, founder of TAMA martial arts, will be addressing this critical issue in his classes to ensure he meets the needs of all of his students.  Master Taningco said “28 women every hour are sexual assaulted, and a survey of female high school students found that 1 out of 5 girls had experienced forced sex.  We provide comprehensive training in our many classes to help prevent these heinous crimes.”  Master Taningco has been featured on local news reports on women’s self-defense training and has taught self-defense for the U.S. military, numerous other organizations and colleges.

Master Manuel Taningco is a martial artist with over 40 years of experience. When Master Taningco founded TAMA in 1976, his goal was to establish a martial arts institute that offers more than one style in a college-style setting. He has pioneered the concept of children’s Karate programs, multi-discipline martial arts classes, and mixed martial arts here in Dayton, along with hosting regular Muay Thai Kickboxing tournaments. He is the first to bring the Philippine Martial arts, the Indonesian Martial arts, the Chinese Kung fu, the Japanese aikijutsu/jujitsu, Kickboxing, and the Muay Thai Kickboxing to the Miami Valley area.

For more information on this news release contact Manuel Taningco of TAMA Family Martial Arts
(www. tamamartialarts.com) at 937-254-7035, 1753 Woodman Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45420.

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