Wings Of Thought: Tama Martial Arts Handbook

Wings Of Thought: Tama Martial Arts Handbook
Wings Of Thought: Tama Martial Arts Handbook Cover

Wings Of Thought is a definitive collection of martial arts knowledge collected from over 50 years of studying and teaching a variety of martial arts. This book covers the history, philosophy and techniques of Grand Master Manuel Taningco. This knowledge is presented in 184 pages with 139 illustrations and pictures.


Manuel R. Taningco was born in Sampaloc-Manila, Philippines. At an early age he was exposed to martial arts training by family members from his Uncle and his older brother Alex. However, the life on the streets of Sampaloc Manila was very unforgiving. At ten years of age, he lost both parents and learned to survive and started earning a living for himself. Manuel came to America in 1968, at the height of Vietnam War and his brother Alex was drafted.

Manuel lived with his oldest Uncle George who had been in the USA since before WWII. From him, Manuel learned many things including cooking, farming, fishing and survival tactical strategies, the old school Filipino Kali. One of his first martial arts magazines had Chuck Norris on the cover of Black Belt Magazine. Later in life, Manuel would meet Chuck Norris by his invitation to his UFAF Conventions, three years in a row, to teach and share his knowledge to UFAF members. Manuel was very successful on tournament scene and became World Champion. Instead of continuing his competition career, Manuel chose to learn from other masters and grandmasters.

During this time, he had built a martial arts empire of four schools, including building a 10,000 square feet martial arts building from the ground up as a testament to a good martial arts business. His sincere dedication in martial arts also shows in his community by his many years and hours of volunteerism in helping underprivileged children.


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