Muay Thai training tip #1

Welcome to a new series we are starting here at TAMA. Muay Thai training tips! We’ll be posting short video tips to help you improve your techniques and become a better

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Team Tama BJJ

Tama BJJ

Team Tama BJJ We are very proud of JR Reynolds who has been leading and teaching the TAMA BJJ class for so many years now. Siam has also stepped up

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Team Tama

Kid’s Karate Nathan Metcalf

Nathan Metcalf started kid’s karate when he was 4 years old. He has been training at Tama Family Martial Arts for almost four years. When he was three years old

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Katie Cardulla wins 6 feet tall Grand Champion Karate trophy

Grand Champion Karate

Katie Cardulla wins 6 feet tall Grand Champion Karate trophy on May 5 at Stone Tiger Martial Arts Tournament in Rockford, Ohio. Katie Cardulla was 8 years old when she

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Kali Seminar –Tactical Combative Knife

Kali Seminar-Tactical Combative Knife

Dayton, Ohio Saturday 2018 Grandmaster Manuel Taningco gave a Kali Seminar on Tactical Combative Knife at the TAMA International Headquarter in Dayton, Ohio. About 23 people had attended the Tactical

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Filipino Kali

Golden Years In Martial Arts

The maturity level is quite contagious, but still the childish in us remains the same as always and forever. We never outgrow our wishful lists or bucket lists and many

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Tama Dayton Brazilian Jiujitsu

Dayton Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Tama Dayton Brazilian Jiujitsu JR Reynolds (center in pic) has come a long way for the last 11 years here at TAMA martial arts center doing the thing he loves

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Karate Belt Promotions at Tama

Karate Belt Promotions

Karate Belt Promotions at Tama For the last 41 years, I have seen many students come and go from all walks going for their Karate Belt Promotions. From children to

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