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“This place is amazing! All of the instructors are great and very friendly. If your looking for a new way to get in shape this is the place. You can learn self defense and get the workout of a lifetime at the same time. I leave dripping wet and happy every time! I have a young son that i enrolled as well and he enjoys it very much. I can see the discipline and motor shills coming together nicely. If your on the fence, jump!! You will not be disappointed.”

Jeremy Giehl

“This is a marvelous place for all aspects of martial arts. The teachers are wonderful and patient.”

Tonia Bell

“I Have been a long time student and wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. It has made me the person I am today. It has something for everyone from just in shape to becoming a professional fighter. With master T. being in the black belt hall of fame you get some of the best training around and i have checked out many different schools. It’s not just a place to train but the staff and fellow students becomes a second family. One of the best parts about TAMA is the variety of arts available offered.”

Aaron Melinich

“Master Taningco and all of the instructors at TAMA have been very helpful on teaching and training my 12 year old son. My son has enjoyed his first experiences learning about karate and is very happy he joined the school. A great place for both kids and adults. TAMA offers a wide range of classes in many various disciplines of martial arts. Very family friendly and a place I recommend to all.”

Chad Soehner

“I have known Master T for over six years, and collaboratively developed a program where students from the Dayton Regional STEM school (across the street) participated in two week programs to introduce them to the martial arts. They especially loved the Muay Thai, karate, and bjj. Master T is highly trained, an excellent and fun teacher, and makes learning discipline enjoyable. I have also seen and met many of the adults training at TAMA, and they love the freedom of using the space, Master T’s guidance and wisdom, and more. Great space, place, and programs.”

Philip Bottelier

“Great family place to practice! Very clean and good to see such strict adherence to the state’s regulations to cleaning / disinfection procedures. Recommended highly.”

Dana Staup

“During my over 30-years of knowing Master T, he has maintained a consistency of discipline in himself and in his adult students in various arts taught including Muay Thai, BJJ, karate, and the Filipino martial arts. Many of his students move on to become excellent martial arts instructors, great fighters in the ring, and even healthier citizens. Master T is also a lifelong student who always seeks ways to improve himself, thus gaining more tools to uplift his students. He has my undying support!”

Virgil M. Apostol

“I have known Master Taninco for over 20 years. He is a great teacher and mentor and I have valued his training in all aspects of my life spiritually, physically and mentally.”

Christopher Lavender

“I have been in Martial Arts for over 60 years. My experience with Tama Martial Arts is incredible. Grand Master Taningco is and has always been a great inspiration to all he has come in contact with. I would recommend that if you have any desire for you or your familly to learn and develop a martial arts life style, or just learn to defend yourself and your family. go to TAMA Martial Arts Institution.”

Dale Minor

“Learning Kali America from Master Taningco has been a joy. He really knows martial arts and applies it to practical defense.”

Teri Clapper

“I’ve been going to TAMA for over a year now to train bjj and Muay Thai and I love it. The rates are fair and the training is exceptional. Master Taningco and all the other instructors are world class, knowledgeable martial artists.”

Levi Schwartz

“Master T and his staff are amazing. We are extremely happy here with the wonderful life experience our son is learning and how confident he is becoming in himself. Tama has really changed my sons outlook and I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

Tiffany Lewis

“The family feel is great: clearer information about programs and instructors, or simpler modern payment options would make it even better. That said, we saw our son’s coordination improve greatly, making it a great experience overall.”

Shelley Molitor

“I have been training at TAMA since 2008 when I transferred up from the sister school in Middletown. Master T. has mentored me throughout my time at TAMA. I now have experience in many areas such as Kali, Muay Thai, bjj, karate, and tai chi. I tested and received my second degree black belt in kempo because of the training and discipline I experienced here. I highly recommend TAMA.”

Cheryl Basil

“Ive been going to this Dojo for about 2 weeks and so far it has helped me mentally , & spiritually more than i anticipated. Although my first week was brutal i immediately switched to a healthier eating habit (plant based) to sustain more power& energy and I’ve been blowing through the drills highly recommended for small children, and adults.

Master T is really patient , truly a master of the arts of fighting”

Kourt Lawn

“With the guidance of master T I had a wonderful mauy thai experience. The classes are all encompassing teaching technique, conditioning, and discipline. This school is worth it in every way and I recommend it for anyone trying to begin their martial arts journey!

Dante Lemar

“Master T helped me prepare for an amateur Muay Thai fight using traditional techniques he’s perfected. Dayton is lucky to have a highly respected Grand Master and literal champion as a resource. Our kids have also engaged in competitive amateur bouts via TAMA. There is something for everyone at this dojo regardless of age or experience level.


“Master Taningco is a really talented martial artist and teacher. He uses a very organized curriculum that makes it easy to understand how to move forward. There are numerous styles to choose from. I usually practice karate but in the past I had a lot of fun training with individuals like Christian Toleque in kick boxing and mixed martial arts. Great place to learn and grow!

Russell Hunter

“I’ve train under GM Tanningco for almost a year now. He is very knowledgeable instructor and well respected in the martial arts community. GM Tanningco and his staff are good with kids as well as adults. Very welcoming environment to train. I drive 2 hours one way to train at TAMA. I highly recommend.

Will Dagpin

“Master T is a professional. He taught my teenage sons a mix of Muay Thai, Karate and Kick Boxing. They were trained in a very disciplined manner and grew into fine adults who are strong, brave and confident. My family highly recommends Tama Family Martial Arts.

Sara Blankenshippin

“Master T is a living legend. Vast knowledge in multiple disciplines Kenpo Karate, Muay Thai, BJJ, Kali to name a few and in the Black Belt Hall of Fame. I received my black belt from Master T in the 90’s. And I’m so excited that he is still at it and teaching my son. Highly recommended for the whole family.

Darin Stahl

“Great training, discipline and diverse martial arts training in May Thai, bj, karate and kung fu just to name a few for adults and kids. All under Grandmaster Taningco who I have been a lifetime student and friend. I personally have benefitted greatly ,physically, mentally and better for my association with this martial arts family.

Melvin D. Baker Jr.


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