Taningco’s 43rd Year Teaching Martial Arts In Dayton

Grandmaster Manuel Taningco celebrates his 43rd year teaching Martial Arts in Dayton

After 43 years, GM Manuel Taningco is still standing and the longest that have taught martial arts in this Miami Valley area still very active full time. It is God’s blessings in many ways to be able to serve “my community’, as he stated. Grandmaster Manuel Taningco celebrates his 43rd year teaching martial arts in Dayton and Miami Valley area since 1976 by participating in the yearly HOLIDAY@HOME PARADE in Kettering with some of his students. TAMA martial arts had a great weekend. First and foremost, we had Sensei Shawn Hammonds, a world-class, very talented and highly skilled all-around jiujitsu taught on September 1 at the studio. Sensei Hammonds is from Nashville and visits TAMA  so often for the seminar and impart his valuable knowledge of Jiujitsu. TAMA being affiliated with Sensei Hammonds for close to 10 years, has been an honor. Sensei Hammonds motivated many of the TAMA BJJ students to ramp up their game by drilling them in some of his favorite moves. He discusses the intricate of each technique and what you can do with it and counter it.

By Monday (Labor Day holiday), almost 30 students participated in the 2018 HOLIDA@HOME PARADE in Kettering. Tama Martial Arts have been participating in the parade for at least the last 30 years. GM Taningco was accompanied by the TAMA kids competition team, Kids karate group, After-school kids, Muay Thai students, Kali students, Kung-fu students, Tai chi students, and the kid’s parents. It turns out to be a great day to celebrate the walk in the parade with many spectators along the way. It is more than a mile walk. These kids were resilient under the hot summer sun.

The parade representing over 200 community organizations and businesses. Main festivities took place at the Kettering Government Center and Fraze Pavilion off of Shroyer and Lincoln Park. There, you can find top-quality handmade arts and crafts, auto shows both newer and classic cars, free children’s games, all types of food vendors by food trucks and specialty trucks, and music entertainment group at two different locations.

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