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Just thinking about how time goes fast right in front of your eyes, whether a person is in a coma, or totally consciously aware at the moment. BTW, Happy New Year! Yes, it is a new year already. And it seems as though, I was in the state of mind when I was just cooking our turkey for Thanksgiving day. Next thing you know it, I have gained several pounds and dressed up as Santa Clause for the Tama Mighty Mite and Tama Karate SuperKidz, three days before our national holiday of Christmas this past month at Tama Martial Arts Center.

We had about 30 people who participated in our “Prayer and Workout Traditions” on New Year’s day. Yes, it was January 1st at 1 pm and started on time and celebrated life and blessings for 2016. Celebrating my 40th year anniversary teaching martial arts in the Dayton area.

It felt as though I was in Spring time. It was rather a warm December. I was still mesmerising the time I had to spin the Tama Kid’s events for the Halloween to take their chances in breaking the PINATA full of candies. NO, I did not dressed up as one of the Goonies, but my good old self, lol. Watching these Tama Karate Superkidz take a swing at the PINATA got me both excited, elated and got scared for the other kids in the studio. Praying none of the kids let go of the stick they were swinging. Or get hit by the stick. Those kids were very daring to go for some sweets. They got close to the swing of the stick and eventually I had to call it finish since they got more than excited about this funful event. Wonder what is next? Dressed up as a bunny at Easter? Hehehe.

Has it been that long? No, the time has been shorter as I get older. Or is it just my memory playing on me at the same time. LOL!!! That too!

Although, I am challenge in each in every waking day of my life, and every day in my profession in teaching martial arts, it has been a very humbling and fulfilling experience seeing these “Super Karate kids” transformed themselves with just a little care and a little of their concentration. At the same time, I can teach with my eyes close since repetition makes perfect. I also give “thanks” to the parents who entrusted us with their children and allowing us to teach them in a manner of being able to give these children a gift of confidence from our guidance of wisdom through martial arts knowledge life experience.

Back in the olden days or old school days when I started studying in martial arts, I had to prove myself worthy to be a student to my teachers. As my Asian roots, and the way, I was raised, I value this humbling experiences.

Even though, I was paying a high dollar for my private lessons to one of my teachers; I had to prove myself that I was a sincere and honest feeling of being one of his serious students. I have seen students who have achieved their Black Belts and gotten such a big head and forgot where and how they started. Who has helped them bring out the best in themselves?

And to this day, although, I had achieved such notable titles or rank. Nonetheless, I am still a STUDENT of martial arts and never stop learning. Time has changed and yes, I must change with the time. But our core values must remain the same. Our values are very important to be a rightful human being and a good citizen to our families and our communities. I had a student once argued with me with what was said to me, that “blood is thicker than water.” – He was referring to his brother done something wrong to me, and he is in cahoot with the idea. I remembered that same student making an oath an allegiance in front of other classmates and the Grandmaster. He forgot his core values, all he thought about was the opportunity for him and his brother. That their idea did not prosper at all. It was meant to be.

For our core values is what we hold dear to ourselves because of our families, friends, students and for our children and grandchildren and who we are.

Speaking of grandchildren, I have five grandchildren, and I thought I would stop worrying about my grown adult children and next thing you know it, they have kids of their own. I do envy the families that spend time together in the evening, as I still teach for the last 40 years here in Dayton area. Some things change, and some things never change only our thoughts will ever change forever, and I wish you new changes in this New Year 2016 for the better! Only you can make it happen. Do NOT be selfish, be true to yourself and others. Wishing you a joyous, happy and prosperity in the new year to ALL Tama martial arts members and extended families!
GM M Taningco

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