TAMA Martial Arts Belt Testing

Taekwondo, Karate, Jiujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Kung fu and other traditional martial arts have been known for their different belt colors. These colors do not only associate a student’s level but their progress as well. The use of different belt colors illustrates a student’s level and mastery of techniques. But at the same time, each belt color symbolizes a student’s progress as a learner. The learner himself represents a tree and his belt color indicates his growth as a martial artist.

Here in TAMA Martial Arts belt testing, we always make sure that our students understand each belt color as a representation of each particular curriculum level. Through this, we believe that one’s understanding of his own belt color gives him enough confidence and determination in attaining the next belt color and most especially in reaching the final stage which is obtaining the black belt. Most importantly, the curriculum for each particular belt color it represents. Each student must work diligently to get their student handbook checked for the final belt test. Mastering the techniques set for for each belt rank ensures their success in belt testings and gain more confidence each of the way. Each student progresses in their own phase rather than with the group setting. Our goal is not mass produce, but setting high quality standards for each student that enters Tama Martial Arts Center to be trained according to their mental, physical and emotional skill level. Testing students ensures the quality of performance and help build their self-esteem.

White, the first belt, symbolizes purity and innocence. The student himself is known to be a novice in martial arts. Having no knowledge about it, he only depends on his instructors guidance on how to perform the techniques properly. Just like a tree which has just been planted and should need to be taken care of properly by the instructor for it to be ready for the next stages.

Yellow or Gold is the next belt color following the white belt. This belt symbolizes the rising sun. It also shows the student’s readiness as he begins to understand the basics of any traditional martial arts.

Orange, green, and purple belts follow the yellow belt which means the student is on his intermediate level in many martial arts discipline. It is on this level that the student is expected to have grown and developed in strength and is ready to accept the next belt color which brings new and greater challenges that gives them confidence as they earn a certain belt color.

Blue belt then follows these three belts and it symbolizes the tree itself which is advancing towards new heights. With this color, comes more challenges yet having this belt also indicates the student’s full strength in attaining the next level.

Brown belt, which is next to blue, represents the roots of the tree firmly embedded in the earth. This only shows that once a student has this color he has already gained mastery on the basics of traditional martial arts and has given his full commitment on the art.

Red or Brown with black stripe, the last belt before the final belt, symbolizes the setting sun which also means that student has fully accomplished a lot of things. It is on this level of the training that mastery of the physical techniques has been refined yet needed to be polished with discipline and control in the next level.

Black, the final belt, symbolizes maturity and understanding the fundamentals. It is by achieving this belt that the student has finally overcome the darkness and has become fearless of whatever challenges comes his way. Just like the tree, as it reaches its full-grown stage, it must start planting new seeds for the future. It is now the martial artist black belt’s turn to pass down his knowledge to the next generation of martial artists.

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