Tama Instructors Inducted The 2022 Bruce Lee and Arnold Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor Award

Tama Instructors Inducted Hall of honors award

The 2022 Bruce Lee and Arnold Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor was held in Columbus, Ohio sponsored by Battle of Columbus Martial Arts Legends

The 5 Tama Black Belt instructors that were inducted and receive their awards from Grandmaster Cahn representing BOC as “Instructor of the Year” award: Jaden Taningco, Riley Lombard, Elaina Gerdes, Lindsang Nguyen, and Ty Wetzel. Alumni Hall of Honors, Grandmaster Manuel Taningco accompanied his fine young men and women Tama Black Belt instructors in this unique gala event held once a year that boasts 100,000 attendees for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness and Martial Arts event in Columbus, Ohio.

Each of the Tama Martial Arts Black Belt instructors has something to offer to their students. Their individuality and their unique personality each has a way of giving themselves to help students grow and build their confidence. Life skills are emphasized in each class with their compassion and energetic personality. These instructors have more than 51 years of martial arts experience. Many started at the age between 5 to 8 years of age. They are seasoned Black Belt instructors.

Lingsang from the left has a bubbly, energetic personality. Elaina has a soft side to her, the motherly love she gives. Ty is a gentle giant (the tallest) and soft-spoken, Riley takes it by the horn and is a true leader, and last but not least, Jaden is very personable and eloquent with his details. Each cares, and each loves and each passionately loves the Tama martial arts community and pays it forward to those who seek excellence and guidance. They have developed their way of life from the mentoring of their teacher, Grandmaster Manuel Taningco, who also celebrates his 46 years of teaching martial arts in the Dayton Miami Valley area.

To have a successful endeavor, you need a good team and a dependable team. These 5 young men and women are some of the Tama instructors that give their all to be part of Team Tama and to be the best in what they do. They have grown to take on the leadership and manage from the large group class settings to one on one. Their self-esteem and positive energy have shone and are contagious to other members of Tama. They have exemplified their discipline, respect, and patience when it comes to teaching other students. They have all achieved greatness in martial arts competition, teaching, leadership, and management more so than any person.

Grandmaster Taningco is at the helm of the ship and continues his legacy in his martial arts endeavor by giving his all to the Dayton community and its surrounding cities. He is very proud to see these fine young Tama Black Belts receive their awards from BOC.

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