Surviving Through Martial Arts

It is best to have a purpose when wanting to do something. Engaging yourself in martial arts should also go with a purpose. You cannot just keep on going without a destination. Some may think of getting in shape or a full-body workout in doing martial arts, but what martial enthusiasts must know is that martial arts’ main purpose is survival.

There are other ways of making yourself fit and martial arts can be one of them. However, keep in mind that it should not be your main reason of doing it. All the kicking and sparring you learn in every training should not only be seen through the changes in your body built but should also be seen through your moves. Most especially when you see yourself caught in the middle of a dangerous situation wherein surviving and defending yourself are your main goals. Surviving in such situation is not a difficult thing for a martial artist much more when you have equipped yourself with proper training and proper attitude. Take a look with some things to remember which you may use in your survival kit for an effective self-defense act.

How To Survive Through Martial Arts

Be Realistic. Being shocked is inevitable when soaking oneself in a dangerous situation. To avoid such reaction, it is best that you accustom yourself of what could happen when in a real scenario. Be more realistic in each training. Realistic means you have to give all your effort to every training session, thinking as if it is not just a training scenario but a real one instead.

Be Decisive. Free yourself from doubts when in a middle of defending yourself for survival. You could only truly survive if you were always certain of the moves you would make. Being doubtful will only leave you confused and defeated. Remember, no one wins by being unsure

Be Adaptable. Fighting scenes do not always happen in the gym. Skills are being perfected in the gym, but this does not mean that when a change of fighting setting happen you will not be able to perform the skills you have practiced in the gym well. You have to make yourself flexible of any place where a fighting scenario of defending yourself may take place. It is then advisable to do some training in different environmental scenes such as during rainy or snowy season or a muddy place, and other scenarios similar to these. In such way, you are making yourself familiar and prepared of whatever environmental distractions may go along your way for survival during the fighting scene.

With these being present in your survival kit, there is no way for you not to be ready in facing any opponent that may come your way.

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