Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Development

It has been a misconception for many that when we talk about martial arts, we try to compare it with other sports and think that it only caters physical development.  In fact, what many do not know and must know is that martial arts is a 3-in-1 process. It does not only address to physical need but  to one’s spiritual and mental development as well which are known to be the keys to improving oneself and in making one’s life physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for whatever circumstances one may experience. Martial Arts trainings help someone experience its soothing effect which serves as a doorway to greater understanding of one’s desire for spiritual and mental growth.

Seeing oneself has not been an easy practice for everyone yet it only requires self-discipline, self-understanding, and self-consciousness to be able to attain individual happiness and personal peace that one needs to discover as a step to becoming a true martial artist.

It is rewarding to think that by doing martial arts you will be able to experience and possess greater happiness, stronger immune system, a more healthy living, and of course a more peaceful lifestyle. Through this, handling stressful circumstances will no longer be a burden more especially when they are dealt with proper mind, spirit and physical setting enhanced in martial arts trainings. This also helps enhance one’s attitude which is a very significant factor in molding a positive way of living and in dissolving all the negativity in our lives.

How do these three work?

  1. Spiritual and Mind. Its main goal is to help individuals be able to connect with God or universal energy, which many of us take for granted. 

  1. Mental and Mind. To be mentally and spiritually in tune, one needs to recognize the power of the mind. When it comes to mental readiness, it is most important to have the mind as the bridge between one’s spiritual being and the brain.

  1. Physical and Mental Conditioning. The mind’s connection with one’s spiritual aspect is as important as its relation with the physical aspect. It helps in acquiring wisdom which is a tool that makes one’s physical attributes function at its best.

Physical fitness cannot be totally obtained by possessing one of these three alone for a balance of these three is what one needs to become a truly healthy person and a dedicated martial artist.

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