Self-Defense Technique

We have lived life by believing that in every set, in every group, in every circle, there is always one which can be considered the best. Yet, we also need to be open to the idea that one may not be enough all the time. Thus, it needs another one to make it perfect. It always depends on the situation. As to martial arts techniques, each technique may have its own special function and advantage for certain circumstances but in some cases they are better off when paired with another technique which may result to a more effective self defense tactic.

One of the most common and realistic example of situations which call for your self-defense skills is when you are caught in the middle of the street with a drug induced person in front of you. It sounds frightening to think that these people influenced by drugs are not afraid of anyone and whose strength are quite incomparable. Through understanding the situation and by being calm, winning on this situation is never an impossible thing. First, keep in mind that the person you are facing with is under the control of drugs, he may have his strength more powerful than usual yet remember that a deranged person is usually off-balance and that his strength depends on his balance. Be keen of the situation by doing some analysis of the opponent’s standing and take time to recall the techniques learned and combined those which would be more appropriate in such situation.

Based on some testimonials from people who have been into the same scenario, the best two techniques which were proven effective are off-balancing (or spinning) and the vascular choke. Being skilled in these two techniques would be a great advantage for you against your opponent. The former can be more of leading or a head manipulation as in Aikido. As an old saying says, “where the head goes, the body follows.” While the latter may come in handy once the former has been executed perfectly. Yet, also keep in mind that no matter how good each technique or combined techniques seemed to be, always be aware that they do have their own limitations though. It needs one to have full knowledge and strength to execute these techniques well and more effectively.

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