Mugging Attack

The world is never safe. Hence people try to safeguard themselves with an armor of protection. Learning martial arts is one.

Yet in a few real life scenarios, whatever is learned from the instructor goes easily down the drain when panic overcomes one’s defense. With the element of shock, one tends to forget what is mastered and commit serious mistakes.

Behold! This doesn’t always mean a sad, negative ending. Sometimes, one has to suffer a little, recover one’s footing first, feel one’s pulse and focus on the matter at hand before initiating the correct response. Or the most appropriate moves.

In mugging situations, it has usually been portrayed that one almost gobbled up frog (the defender) simultaneously relieves itself from the nasty beak of a heron (the attacker).

In most scenarios, the mugger has his right arm over the victim’s right shoulder and is forcefully covering his mouth. At the same time his left arm is snaked around the victim’s  waist making the victim’s upper body immobile and dragging the victim backwards at the same time.

As the victim is grabbed, pulled and lifted by the assailant, the victim’s left hand is free to hit the attacker’s eyes . If the victim’s  feet are still on solid ground, the victim can also stomp on the attacker’s instep or heel kick the attacker’s leg.  At minimum, these little distractions can momentarily loosen or weaken the grip of the assailant.

The main goal is to gain enough freedom of movement so that the victim can throw her feet up to the side, away from the attacker, disrupting the attack itself and shaking his balance off. The attacker’s right arm will be forced to sway away from his body, elbows pointed towards the ground, as he attempts to take control of the victim again. The farther the victim is able to extend his body weight away from the attacker, the weaker his body position will become.

While the attacker is trying to regain control over the victim, the latter may rotate clockwise forcing him to topple over. If done in the correct fashion, the attacker’s right arm will hit the ground first thereby shielding the victim in part.

As the victim contacts the ground, one may roll over clockwise, causing the attacker to flip over the body and smash his face forward hard.

Remember, it takes presence of mind to beat the predator. Take a deep breath, focus and everything will follow.

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