Martial Arts Supershow

I can feel and smell the chill that winter is coming around the corner. Summer has been great and we were able to go to the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas and presented our Kali America for 4 days this past first week of July. Plus meeting up with one of my best friends in martial arts Eric Lee who introduced me to master Air Phanthip who teaches and coach Muay Thai in Las Vegas. It was an honor to teach at his awesome gym that produces a lot of great fighters and even pro MMA trains there.

We arrived there on Friday and went straight to Master Phanthip gym: Nak Muay Thai-Lao. With Eric Lee and his entourage of people from L.A. and Phanthip’s family with great food waiting to be eaten. Their gym has a kitchen and it was awesome. Awesome memories with new friends and old friends alike including Virgil Mayor Apostol from L.A. who traveled to help me in my booth along with my two sons Lee and Jaden. Virgil took off from his busy schedule of doing some acting films. It was great to see Virgil, my younger brother from another mother, great healer and master eskrimador.

We met many people on our trip in Las Vegas and my two sons were able to meet up with Guro Dan Inosanto and Tuhon Leo Gaje. We were able to see Chuck Norris and other notable martial artists including Benny “Jet” Urquidez. We were busy at our booth on those four-day Martial Arts Supershow. It was work with no play. I did not even have a chance to play the slot machine. Last time I was there on vacation, I had won 8k in the slot machine. Twice winning the mini jackpot. I barely missed the 10 million and that was the time to quit while I was ahead. Perhaps next time since I have made new connections there in Las Vegas with a number of people especially master Air Phanthip. Master Phanthip went out of his way to take care of us after my Kali America seminar at his place teaching elbows that I had kept for many years. Phanthip, a wonderful human being who is caring like Eric Lee. I rarely see this type of trait from other martial artists.

Finally, finished the remodeling of my bathroom and it took many months since I was working on several projects all at one time. Now, getting ready for the winter and other projects around the house to do. It is always something to do as a homeowner.  However, I was trying to get into shape, although, round is shape, getting my cardio and endurance back with swimming in our pool and running and working out with students have uplifted my spirits challenging myself again. But running has caused me injury that I had sustain about 14 years ago. My achilles tendon is ripped again. I miss training and put me in a different mood. Pain has always been my companion. We have a love and hate relationship for over 45 years.

The injury I had sustained did not allow me to walk in the “HOLIDAY HOME PARADE” in Kettering. I asked students to walk with me, but for some reason, this time I listened to my body and decided NOT to walk in the parade. I was in pain throughout that weekend and still is. However, life must go on. We call it “pain” tolerance and acceptance of things we do not like. Thank you to those who brave the walk on “Holiday Home” parade.

Now, I can just imagine getting in shape although there are other things I can do other than running. So I am bringing it on.

Jaden and I went to Chillicothe and gave a Filipino Kali-Kali America demonstration in Shihan Don Madden at his Jiujitsu and Karate tournament. It was well received and Sensei Madden was honorable to allow me to demonstrate in between his tournament. It was a huge success each time we demonstrate our heritage of Filipino Martial Arts.

Preparation is the key to success in anything in life, there are times I did jump in with my two feet without any preparation because of my mental attitude and yes, I can do this. Like building my deck without any plans and many things in life that I had done is spur of the moment kind of thing. Challenging my mind to do things and thinking it through without any plans other than the “thoughtfully planned in my head”.  However, preparation is really the key to better success. I am talking about how Nick Durst really prepared himself into his first fight in Ohio. As my son Lee puts it, “you need to train really hard for at least a minimum of 3 months or more”. It paid off last night seeing Nick perform and really is coachable after all. He really worked hard and mentally prepared himself for this fight. Although, he was kind of a little bruised up from sparring James Pigg, however, he victoriously won in the third round with a TKO. He is all pumped up and I told his mother that I was more nervous than him. He was relaxed and I also told him that he is more than ready and looking good and his form was improving all this time. It is time, sweat equity, daily routine, dedication, and commitment is a blueprint to success whether you fight in competition or prepare for the test for any belt or just being in shape. Speaking of shape, I have one of those in my mid-section. Round is shape. I am back on my rice again and I blame my injury for it.

Greg Dinsmor has been a great asset and preparing our Team Tama kid’s karate competition team for the MVTA series. The Team has been doing really well. He works well with kids and has a way of getting them involved in their preparation and training. We were not able to secure a venue during the summer for TAMA tournament and perhaps next year we will do it. I would like to put a volunteer group together to put up Tama tournament for next year and Muay Thai kickboxing competition next year. Any volunteers?

Speaking of volunteers, any volunteers would be appreciated in helping me out on one weekend day to spruce up around Tama. I would really appreciate it. Volunteers anyone? I would like to set a date for this if anyone would want to help me outside of TAMA building. Thank you kindly for your help. Bring your chain saw, hedge trimmer, leaf blowers, and branch cutter, please. Consider this as your martial arts training, “wax on and wax off” kind of thing. October 5 be great day provided that it does not rain. Will start at 9 am.  

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