Martial Arts Center Celebrates 2019

Tama Martial Arts Center Celebrates 2019

Tama Martial Arts Center Celebrates 2019

I woke up very early this NEW YEAR and made coffee for my wife and me to get ready for the day to celebrate 2019 at Tama Martial Arts Center at 1 p.m. It has been a tradition since the building was built since 1988. Looking back then before the big studio how we came along all those years from the basement, kitchen sparring, backyard workout, to recreational facilities and now to this huge martial arts center celebrating 2019.

It took less five minutes to set up the station for each exercise.  Each exercise station requires for the participants to do 1.5 minutes of continuous training whether it is push-ups, jumping jacks or other exercises. All the participants have only 15 seconds between the exercise station to move to another station.  The workout was for the entire hour continuously. We have more than 15 station exercises to do. It was plenty along with some martial arts kicks.

We started 7 minutes after 1 p.m. to see if there are any strugglers coming. We formed a circle in the center of the wooden main floor and hold each other’s hand and I led the prayer. Giving thanks to the LORD and blessings. We ask HIS blessings for this 2019 and to all of the members of TAMA family martial arts members and parents.

It seems just some years, but it has been over 40 years and it’s going on the 44th year of teaching martial arts this coming fall the Miami Valley area. God has blessed me with this gift and it is an honor to share that gift of love, that gift of confidence and that gift of martial arts knowledge to the students of Tama Martial Arts Center celebrating 2019 with many blessings.

It is invigorating working out as always and I felt it as I had finished my first exercise station since I have been dormant since we had closed for the holiday. It is not a resolution for myself but rather a challenge and a goal for anything that needs to be done whether it’s finishing some remodeling at the martial arts center, learning something, or just getting into shape. It is an action thing for me rather than wishful thinking.

I wish you all a Happy New Year with HIS guidance to enrich us with wisdom, humbleness, love, compassion, understanding, patience and many blessings along the way. May you all be blessed. Happy workout day at the TAMA Martial Arts Center Celebrates 2019.


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