Learn Some Choking Techniques

“Practice makes perfect” has always been applicable anytime, anywhere. In every thing that we do, we must consider time in doing such for we can never say it is already perfect when we have just done it once. Same as doing Jiujitsu techniques. These techniques can never be perfected unless done and practiced repeatedly with proper guidance as well. TAMA Grappling and Submission class provides intensive training on BJJ Techniqes given by well-trained and certified instructors. In here, we help you learn techniques in the easiest way possible. To give you a sneak peak of what we actually do here in TAMA, here is a list of how some BJJ Choking Techniques are done which can be of help as you learn BJJ.

The Head and Arm Choke

  1. Your head is your first asset for this move. You have to use it to trap the opponent’s hand.
  2. Then, move harder and crawl your fingers on the floor to get your arm in as deep as possible.
  3. Make sure that your biceps cuts off oneside while his shoulder cuts off the other side.
  4. Keep your arm relaxed until you have cinched in the hold.
  5. Drop your hips to the floor and stay low
  6. Rotate your body towards his head to tighten the choke.
  7. Squeeze and engage your core to finish the submission

The Military Choke

  1. Pull your right forearm against your opponent’s neck. Make sure you are not pulling too far across so as not to give your opponent an opening with you elbow.
  2. Hold onto the left elbow area with your right hand.
  3. Wrap your left hand around the back of your opponent’s head.
  4. Push forward with your left hand and pull backwards with the right forearm.
  5. Lean your body into the choke for more power
  6. Try not to cross your legs because if you do, you will be giving your opponent’s a chance to reach up with his legs and break your ankles.

Keep on following us and learn more tips in doing not only BJJ but also Taekwando, Karate, Aikido, Judo, Kung fu, and other traditional martial arts.

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