I believe having this knowledge and training is what saved my life.

Kali Seminar –Tactical Combative Knife

“I was helping a friend one Friday night when I was attacked by a man with a knife. The approach was from behind but I could tell something was wrong by the reaction of the individual in front of me. When I turned around, the man was coming at me with a knife. Fortunately, my instinct was trained enough to get out of the way and grab the individuals forearm from the inside of his wrist. Additionally, I remembered to grab the back of his hand and twist it back up towards his upper arm. While the knife fell out, the man was already swinging at me with his left arm. I deflected his arm and trapped it at my side. I also had to throw my body weight into him as I was trapping his left arm and finally I used my elbow to hit him across the side of his face.

I am still trying to comprehend everything that happened, but I know if I had not been taking classes at TAMA Family Martial Arts Center, the ending of this situation would have been very different. I am grateful to my Kung Fu classmates and to Master Taningco for their never-ending patience in teaching life survival skills such as self-defense. During the attack, I didn’t even really comprehend what was happening. After I have had time to think about everything, I believe having this knowledge and training is what saved my life. I am truly thankful for everything I have learned at TAMA. I believe now, more than I have ever believed before, that all individuals should have self-defense training. “    S.B.

Master Manuel Taningco will be giving a Seminar on “Tactical Combative Knife” techniques on Saturday May 14th, 2016 at TAMA Martial Arts.  This seminar will cover the bladed weapons, angle of attacks, disarms and sensitivity drills against a knife.  Don’t miss out on this valuable seminar that could someday save your life.

When:  Saturday May 14th, 2016
Time:    03:30 – 05:30 pm
Cost:      $97 per person
$80 per person if preregistered before April 28th.
Certificate of Completion will be issued upon completion of the course.
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