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Nathan Metcalf started kid’s karate when he was 4 years old. He has been training at Tama Family Martial Arts for almost four years.

When he was three years old he started asking his parents if he could do kid’s karate. They told him he could start when he was four. Sure enough, on his fourth birthday, he was asking when he could get signed up. Nathan is now a blue belt in Kenpo Karate, and takes Muay Thai class and has competed and won multiple karate competitions over the years.

Nathan Metcalf Kid’s Karate tournament trophies
Nathan Metcalf Kid’s Karate tournament trophies

He is on the Tama competition tournament kid’s karate team and he also does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tournaments. Recently, Nathan Metcalf won first place by two submissions at the Ohio State Fuji BJJ Tournament in early April. He placed first in the grappling competition and first place in his weapon kata at the Stone Tiger Challenge a few weeks ago.

Nathan is a very active also wrestles and plays football for his school. He placed third in the state for wrestling this year. Nathan likes to ride bikes, dirt bikes, and read.

He maintains straight A’s in school. He’s earned his academic achiever patch for his karate gi at Tama martial arts center. Nathan has played about every sport there is; t-ball, soccer, basketball, BMX racing, and flag football. But, he has been doing Karate for a while and grappling has been his favorite part. Jujitsu has definitely become one of his main interests recently.

His training at Tama has taught him self-defense, built confidence, and given him pride and belief in himself.  It has helped him realize that he can do anything he wants if he works hard for it. It has helped with his focus, following directions, and respecting others.

Competing in the tournaments has helped prepare him for public speaking because they have to introduce themselves and talk to the judges. Nathan says that his time at Tama has made him stronger because of the workouts and training they do.

Nathan’s sister Hailey also trains in kid’s karate and loves going to see her friends and teachers. She competes in the TAMA kid’s karate competition team and does very well. Nathan is a great role model and leader for her. They love being a part of the Tama martial arts family. Karate has been a great sport for Nathan Metcalf and has helped him in so many ways.

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