Kids Karate Transformation

Kids Karate Belt Test Dayton Kettering Beavercreek

Transformation on Kids Karate

Here are more kids karate on test day pictures- October 15. It was their day to shine on the big final test. One of the transformation on kids karate and martial arts program. We are proud of these kids how they transform their mental focus and behavior. We have more work to do and it is never ending. We love the challenge at TAMA helping the kids grow in many ways through martial arts training.

Watch these kids perform and see them grow in many ways. The belt promotion is one of the steps building their confidence, discipline, and build character. We, at TAMA, “Thank you” to the parents who supports our Kids Karate/Martial Arts Program. We appreciate your patience for the great outcome and transformation of your child through our martial arts program. We love your kids and care for them as you love them dearly. TAMA martial arts center is their sanctuary. One of the best activity to have your child is in the martial arts lessons.
Each in every step of the way, there reveal the golden child. Each test challenges their own being and able to come to the top as they are encouraged and motivated in pursuing excellence in their life in their young age.

Transformation on kids karate is amazing, with so many positive results. Guiding these kids with my over 40 years of teaching is a blessing in my life. Three years in New Mexico (taught for New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM) and 40 years in the greater Dayton, Miami Valley area.  and I love it every minute of it. The children give me joy and laughter and of course the challenge it brings when we teach new students. Seeing them transform themselves positively with more discipline and determination brings a stronger will and better focus. We only want the best for our children. We, at TAMA, strive that goal is to be the best we can be at all times.

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