Kids Karate Belt Promotion

Kids Karate Belt Promotion Day

Testing Day For Kids Karate Belt Promotion At TAMA Martial Arts Center

October 15, 2016, is the Kids Karate Belt Promotion day held at TAMA Martial Arts Center, 1753 Woodman Dr. Kettering, Ohio 45420. The kids go to a process of brief quizzes and evaluation and completion with their TAMA Student Handbook before final belt testing day. Students attend the requirement class with their handbook weekly. The handbook is then used to help the students where they stand on their rank requirement.

The brief quiz is when a black belt instructor or assistant instructor take each kid with their “TAMA Student Handbook” and are ask simple questions pertaining to their next required belt promotion. Within the book, they have to memorize a student creed from one paragraph to three paragraphs depending on their rank they wish to achieve. They also must complete a short thesis for their belt’s requirement. Their requirement techniques for the particular rank the kids are quizzed for each technique, for it must be all check. Once the students fulfill their requirements with diligent practice and understanding of the subject matter, the student may ask an instructor to approve his or her book to take the final examination for belt promotion. The student must apply and fill out a form for the final test. The test day is usually advanced notice. Students must show confidence knowing their required subject for the belt testing day.

If the child or student does not know the required subject or techniques, it is taught then and there. The “Student Handbook” is the blueprint for the kids karate belt promotion testing all the way to the coveted black belt. It is very structured and easy to follow, but yet the techniques to be performed is quite challenging mentally and physically. Each belt rank as the student achieve higher belt ranking, the required techniques are more, with some difficulty to the challenge but achievable.

Kids Karate Belt Promotion Day

The objective is to help the students increase their level of confidence in performances, accountability, responsibility and believing in themselves. Students are encouraged to work their requirements to their highest level performance. Teaching the students undivided focus and maintaining their will and control is part of their required improvement in each level in the Kids Karate Belt Promotion. Students are expected more in return when students achieve higher levels each time.

Thank you to the Board Examiners who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Camilla Dannenfelser and Mrs. Cheryl Basil who took the time of their day to test students for the kids karate belt promotion testing day.

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