Karate Tournament

All-Star Kid’s Karate Tournament Championship

Karate Tournament is in 40th year

Grandmaster Taningco will be hosting a kid’s martial arts Karate Tournament event strictly for children under 18 and under Black Belt Divisions. It is his 40th year Anniversary in teaching martial arts in the greater Dayton area. Taningco had taught from up NORTH of Huber Heights to all the way down south to Centerville, Miamisburg, Middletown, and Springboro Clearcreek Elementary School, and West Chester.

All-Star Kid’s Karate Open Tournament will be held at Tama Martial Arts Center this coming June 25. The competition starts at 12 noon. Part of the proceed will go to Daystar In Action (www.daystarinaction.org) a nonprofit charitable organization to help the underprivileged children in this area.

All-Star Kid’s Tournament will hand out 7 ft. Trophies for Forms (Kata) Competition and Weapons (Kobudo)

Forms Competition plus cash awards. In the past, Grandmaster Taningco has given Diamond Ring to all the champions and cash awards. He started the martial arts tournament promotion in this area since 1976. He has promoted Kung Fu events, Seminars, Filipino Full Contact Stick Competition, Knife competition, AAU Karate, Open Karate Tournament, and Muay Thai Kickboxing Championships.

Karate Tournament is for those kids in martial arts who has never competed. Everyone will get an award. The first three places will be trophies. All-Star Kid’s Tournament competition is a springboard for their skills showcase and to show their new found confidence through their martial arts training.

Children of 4 years of age up to 17 is eligible to compete for the three divisions such as Forms competition, Weapons competition, and Sparring Divisions. This is a great event to have the family see the children compete among other martial arts schools in the surrounding area. MVTA rules and regulations shall be used in this Karate tournament of champions.

The All-Star Tournament will be held at Tama Martial Arts Center. For anyone wishing to pre-register in the tournament go to https://www.tamamartialarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Under-Black-Belt-Tournament.pdf

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