Kids Karate Birthday Party

Happiness is making a child smile and it is everyone’s task to paint that smile on  children’s face. Children’s happiness are not that difficult to achieve since at their young age they easily get fascinated to simple things such as celebrating their birthdays. Children do cherish every celebration they experience in their life for they know that this only happens once and this is indeed worth keeping. Here at TAMA Martial Arts, we encourage parents to give the best of their children’s birthday by celebrating with us through a Martial Arts birthday party.

We make sure that the child’s Martial Arts birthday party is not like the usual children’s party but definitely a unique one. On this day, the birthday celebrant becomes the teacher of the group. He undergoes special training in a week or two before his natal day. It is on this period of time that the child is taught how to teach. He is also taught how to lead the warm up exercises such as jumping drills, kicking, calisthenics, and others. After learning the warm up exercises, he then learns how to share fun moments with his friends in class by facilitating drills and games which help these kids develop their bond and camaraderie. Fun drills and games may include races, jump kick trials, and fun martial activities which instill learning aside from the fun it brings.

And the highlight of the party is the cutting of the cake which will be done in a martial arts’ way. At this part of the event, the child is taught how to cut his cake using a martial arts sword and is also taught how to hold, handle, and treat the sword with respect. The child is reminded that the sword is his weapon not his toy, therefore, he must treat it with respect all the time. This exciting part of the celebration requires focus and concentration which the birthday celebrant must possess and practice during this time. And once all these are done, a ceremonial black belt will be presented to the child as a reminder to everyone that the most special thing of his martial arts birthday celebration is his chance of being  the instructor of that day. The kid will surely have his once-in-a lifetime dream birthday celebration and the parents will be proud and glad seeing the smile they have painted on their child’s face as they give him the happiness he deserves to have at his young age.


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