Karate Class

Capture the flag anyone in Karate Class?

A unique way to teach kids in Karate Class working together

Today Tuesday, May, 24 was a beautiful day. TAMA’s kid’s karate class went outside after the 15-minute warm-up and conditioning. Our field on the left next to TAMA building is an acre of just grassland under the bright sun shining on the field.

I asked the kids ages between 6 to 12, two choices to do; they opted to do the capture the flag outside the building. We usually do it inside once in a blue moon. This was today, and I am sure that I was not popular among the parents due to all the grass stains in their karate gi pants. I take the blame.

However, both Mrs. Basil, JD and I had a blast playing four games of capture the flag. The field was plenty of room to run around. The body languages of the children seem to have a great time playing the game during the karate class. It was purely cardiovascular effort and with some strategies in the game. Both Cheryl and JD seem like they had a good workout and had a blast. It was different today just teaching the kids to relax and have fun under the sun.

We at times play games during close to holidays something out of ordinary other than teaching these children martial arts techniques and the core values of martial arts. We love to have fun along with the children. It is an activity that they seem to love to play the game, and it is also healthy for them without getting hurt. Some of these kids went gung ho on the game.

I have tried many occasions but was always get tag. Although I came close a couple of times getting the flag, my old body could not outrun these fast kids. These kids were smiling and having fun. It was purely fun under the sun playing capture the flag with my kid’s karate class. The kids asked me when we can do that again. I guessed next time I have to let them know ahead of time just to bring shorts and shirt with their tennis shoes on. Being barefoot running around the grass brought some old memories when I was younger.

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