Kali Seminar-Tactical Combative Knife

Kali Seminar –Tactical Combative Knife

Dayton, Ohio Saturday 2018

Grandmaster Manuel Taningco gave a Kali Seminar on Tactical Combative Knife at the TAMA International Headquarter in Dayton, Ohio. About 23 people had attended the Tactical Combative Knife Seminar. The same techniques were also taught when GM Taningco was contracted with the US Government teaching the USAirForce Security Forces in Ogden Utah in 2004. One of the participants was Master Sargeant Franklin Shane from US Marines who in turn invited GM Taningco to teach at the US Marines headquarter in Quantico, Virginia at their training facility to teach their Marine Instructors.

GM Taningco taught simple knife drills from simple offensive attacks, sparring with the knife using numbering systems, sensitivity drills, controlling application, redirection application, trapping application and throwing application, slash/trust and trust/slash system, rapid knife deployment and empty hand applications. These are just some of the outlining curriculum that was taught in the seminar.

Kali Seminar –Tactical Combative Knife
Kali Seminar –Tactical Combative Knife

There will be a series of dates throughout the year for a continuous series of this knife training that will be offered at the TAMA International headquarter. The series of this Tactical Combative Knife was part of the ISD program that GM Taningco created it for the Security Forces and for the US Marines. The series will allow the participant to better understand both the simplicity and intricacies of the Kali Tactical Combative Knife. Empty hands were also taught and applied with the same exact motion of the blade techniques.

GM Taningco covered the brief history from the beginning of the seminar and how the blade culture extended from the time of man to the modern urban cities of today’s society. His influences of “streets of Sampaloc, Manila” had benefitted his ways of thinking in survival mode both good and bad. Growing up in the sixties before martial law was applied, gang fights were very prominent and very real. One lives it every day and it became an acceptance to everyday living in Manila at that particular time. GM Taningco experiences taught him many valuable lessons what he had experienced in the “streets of Manila”. He shares those ideas with his students.
Next ISD Tactical Combative Knife seminar follow-up series will be held on April 21. Both May and June seminars will be announced by end of March.

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