Jaden 18th Birthday

Jadens Red Belt Test Promotion

Jaden 18th Birthday Coming Around The Corner!

I am proud to have 5 kids of my own and 5 grandchildren plus 1 coming out soon into this world of challenge. One of my children will be turning 18 this coming week. Jaden 18th birthday is around the corner this month. He did NOT want to celebrate his 18 year birthday. He did not want much and very humble young man. I have spoken to him that,  “you only turn 18 once in a lifetime.”

We had talked about being a man to be so strong mentally and emotionally is one of the keys to a better man. Learning to control your emotions but yet to be expressive vocally with control. I have discussed with him about being mentally conditioned and emotionally in a positive way. I see him applying those principles we had talked about. I have spoken to him about being honorable and having integrity and respect which makes a man. My children are my heroes because they are honorable good people.

I did not grow up with my Dad around. I was orphaned at the age of 10. I ended up living with my Aunt and Uncle and eventually with my older brother. My children are blessed because I feel I can contribute something to them how to be a parent or how to do this and that…. kind of work so forth and so on or to just pester them in a loving way. You got my jest. There is a lot to learn about your child and it is always turning because they have friends and other family members that do influence them differently. There are many things in life we want but most of all I am proud to see my young man Jaden reaching his 18th birthday this month. Jaden 18th Birthday on October 23rd.

Jaden took his red belt test over two months ago. I see him ever growing in helping the kids at TAMA Martial Arts Center as an assistant instructor.  I watched him grow and I am still learning to be a good father to him as well as to my older ones who are 40, 37, 36, 31. It is NOT easy. I have learned to listen and I have learned to yield to my children. Jaden like his older brother Lee, has grown to be a good teacher. He is learning patience, humility, and caring for taking care of the students.

Jaden’s passion is into writing music and playing his electric guitar. But he loves to work out at TAMA as much as he can. Thank you, Jaden for your patience with me and I wish you more birthdays to come. May you be blessed. Happy 18th Birthday Jaden with Love, Dad,

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