Holiday Home Parade

Kettering Holiday at Home Parade

Kettering Holiday Home Parade 2016

Celebrating Grandmaster Taningco 40th year anniversary started with HOLIDAY HOME PARADE. Over 25 students had participated along with some parents who walked the parade held in the heart of Kettering on Labor Day holiday this past Monday. Grandmaster Taningco will plan a celebration demonstration next year. All willing instructors and students will also participate in doing the demonstration to commemorate his martial arts teaching in the greater Miami Valley area. The TAMA Competition Team and other TAMA student members demonstrated their skills along the walk of Holiday at Home parade. It was a beautiful day to walk in the parade and Grandmaster Taningco was also joined by his two sons Lee (and his family) and Jaden.

It has been many years that we had walked at the event of Holiday Home Parade in Kettering. What a way to celebrate 40th year anniversary during the holiday and greeting the community in a different way. Students demonstrated their Karate skills, self-defense skills, tai-chi, muay thai kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, traditional kung-fu and weapons forms to the crowd. It is also a way to promote our TAMA Martial Arts Center and our TAMA competition team. Team TAMA consist of school age children from 6 to 18 years of age. They travel around Ohio and competes in MVTA martial arts tournament. The competition team competes in three categories. They are what we call empty hand forms, weapon forms, and Sparring. These kids were fantastic under pressure and demonstrated many times during the walk of the parade of Holiday Home Parade in Kettering. They were exhausted, thirsty and tired after the Holiday Home parade. All the participants in the parade had fun doing it. GM Taningco says, “Thank you to all who participated in the Holiday At Home Parade” this past Monday.

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