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Seth’s Green Belt Test Day

Seth Brown Green Belt Promotion

Seth Brown has been a student for about 12 months now.  Seth’s Green Belt test day came and challenged his focus and determination. At first, he is the type that gets frustrated and punishes himself for not doing the right way. With kids martial arts training, he has learned to refocus his energies by controlling his temper and his behavior. Seth is very smart and comes from a disciplined family. Yet, like most kids, they have bountiful of energies that need to be directed positively with the right mentorship. This is NOT just about kicks and punches and self-defense. It is about a human being that needs care and attention. Grandmaster Taningco is very active in taking an interest in each of his students from kids to adults, mentoring them.  From saving marriages to keeping kids out of trouble. Teaching more than just valuable life skills. It is their behavioral pattern in how they react, say or do. It is one of the traits that Grandmaster Taningco has studied the human behavioral pattern through his martial arts teaching in the last 40 years. It is how he can use the knowledge to effectively help kids in these tech age as we now have today with either both parents working and or coming from a single parent home. Today Seth belt test for his Green Belt with confidence.

Seth loves to train both in Karate classes and Kids Jiu-jitsu. He is also in the TAMA Competition Team and joined the prestigious membership of “TAMA Black Belt Club” that ensures him with the benefit of both Karate group classes and private lessons one-on-one with GM Taningco. He comes in early to practice nearly every day of the week before his class. Seth has come a long way. Congratulations Seth on your Green Belt Test result! Seth has come a long way and he is constantly improving himself and his martial arts skills.

This is his written thesis by Seth and part of his Green Belt test. On “OBEDIENCE”

“Obedience is the act of obeying: doing what you are told to do. Obedience is like the practice of a method or following instructions or a process. Obedience is defining what I do. In martial arts, obedience is listening, following instructions fully with attention and effort. My dad often tells me to follow instructions without quibbling (sharing my opinion to the point of being unproductive) and questioning authority.

Obedience is the discipline of attitude and respect to a special way of accomplishing or doing something. When I go to school, I am obedient to my teachers and the school rules. When I am home, I am obedient to my parent’s instructions and our rules at home. When I am at TAMA, I am obedient to every belt higher than mine and I am obedient to the rules and practices used there. There is also another point to share: I am obedient to the methods and practice the TAMA Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu. My time and effort are focused on being obedient to the teachings of what is becoming my martial arts craft. I am willing , able, teachable, humble, and motivated to follow those instructions and become obedient to the Master’s craft.” His thesis for Seth’s Belt Test.

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