Force Be With You

Star Wars Reveals Some Deep Meaning – Force Be With You

I hope you’ve all had another wonderful Star Wars day, I know I have. “Force be with you“. I was looking through one of my favorite Taoism blogs and came across a short post about Star Wars and the Tao. I thought it might be appropriate to show here. Check out the original (and the rest of the great site) over here.

Something has been eating at me for the past few days. I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but I’ve been pensively reflective. It’s as though I feel a “great disturbance in The Force!”

This got me to thinking about the similarities between Tao and this thought.. “Force Be With You“. I read an article a few years ago which stated that Star Wars creator George Lucas used a lot of Taoist philosophy when creating his ideation of a Jedi’s power source. In this vein, I’ve decided to share a few quotes from the various Star Wars movies with the word Tao in place of The Force. They don’t sound that much different, do they?

“Tao is an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together” – Obi-Wan to Luke

“Remember, a Jedi can feel Tao flowing through him” – Obi-Wan to Luke

“Strong am I with Tao, but not that strong. Twilight is upon me and soon, night must fall. That is the way of things. The way of Tao.” – Yoda to Luke

“Your father was seduced by the dark side of Tao. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed.” – Ben to Luke

“Tao will be with you, always”, ¬†The knowing of “Force be with you!”- Obi-Wan to Luke. With those great¬†thought I’ll wish you a good evening, good training, good health, and good thoughts.

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