Filipino Kali Grandmaster Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement

Hall of Honor GM Taningco

GM Taningco Received Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement

Columbus, Oh. March 6, 2020, Manuel R. Taningco was one of the inductees being honored as Filipino Kali Grandmaster for his martial arts lifetime achievement in Bruce lee & Arnold Legends of Martial Arts Hall Of Honor. The 44th Arnold Battle of Columbus Martial Arts World Games 2020 begins with honoring martial artists around the nation. To those who have contributed to their lifelong endeavor of both practicing and teaching martial arts in their perspective community.

The Battle of Columbus was founded 44 years ago by SGM Choi.  To offer an opportunity for all martial arts practitioners around the world to compete in a variety of martial arts events and to test, explore, and share the skills that they diligently and patiently developed through their training. The Arnold Battle of Columbus also offers a chance to meet martial arts leaders to develop unity and harmony. To bring about togetherness among many styles who share common goals in martial arts traditions, philosophy, history, and principles.

Bruce Lee Legend Lifetime Achievement

The three-day event kicked off with the Hall OF Honor award ceremony held in 1349 Brice Rd. Columbus, Ohio – headquarters of SGM Joon Choi and the Oriental Martial Arts College. With the Bruce Lee & Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony, the Honor is intended to recognize those martial artists and supporters who have dedicated their spirit to the study and betterment of martial arts. One particular martial arts practitioner and teacher were awarded the Filipino Kali Grandmaster Bruce Lee Legend Lifetime Achievement Martial Arts Hall of Honor by SGM Joon Choi to GM Manuel R. Taningco.  GM Taningco’s generosity, contributions and unselfish dedication serving the community teaching martial arts for 44th years straight in Dayton, Ohio.

Hall of Honor GM Taningco
SGM J. Choi congratulates GM Manuel Taningco-Bruce Lee Legend Lifetime Achievement

The dedication and passion of contributing to their community that makes a difference in people’s lives. This is where discipline, confidence, respect, humility, patience, and perseverance transcends students to new heights of their newfound self.

Grandmaster Choi is the Chairman for Arnold’s Sports Martial Arts Festival held yearly in Columbus, Ohio. It is one of the biggest events in the nation that boast hundreds of athletes from different categories. The 2020 Arnolds Sports Festival will continue through Sunday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Ohio Expo Center and the other venues around Columbus. With a State Order due to Coranavirus concerns, the event of martial arts will continue as plan and as the induction ceremony held by Chairman SGM Joon Choi went very smoothly without a cinch.

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