Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing at TAMA

Come and learn from Grandmaster Manuel Taningco who has been teaching authentic Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing for over 40 years. Taningco is the most accomplished Muay Thai coach in the Tri-State area. Grandmaster Taningco is a certified muay thai instructor under Kru Vut Kamnark of the United World Muay Thai Association.

He has trained under Master Timothy Gasper, who also fought in Thailand (his first Muay Thai instructor), Guru Dan Inosanto, and other famous Thai instructors, such as, Kru Sakasem and Kru Pongyin.

Taningco also shares his family art of Danuggan-Filipino Boxing that was handed down to him by his family. Danuggan, a cousin art of the old Muay Boran, Muay Thai being the modern art.

Our Muay Thai classes meet three times a week for an hour and a half hour long. For their first five classes, beginners participate in the first half hour to slowly introduce them to Muay Thai and kickboxing fundamentals. Then gradually work themselves into the group classes. Our curriculum covers:

  • Kicking techniques and combinations
  • Power punching techniques and combinations
  • Knee techniques
  • Elbow techniques
  • Knee & elbow combinations
  • Working in and out of the clinch
  • Muay Thai throws, sweeps, and trips
  • Total body conditioning for the ring
  • Ring strategies for offense and defense

Our Muay Thai and kickboxing is an extremely exciting, high-impact class. This class is open to both people that want to train for competition and those that are just drawn to Muay Thai as a practical means of conditioning and superior health. We have all the equipment needed for class available for purchase at TAMA.

Since 1980 when TAMA was the first school to ever bring Muay Thai kickboxing program to the Dayton/Kettering/Miami Valley area, our program has continued to grow. Our spacious facility is one of the area’s most complete boxing and kickboxing gyms.

With a full-size boxing ring, TAMA’s Muay Thai and kickboxing program provides the students a realistic training in “being-in-the-ring” experience. Our assistant coaches, for both adults and children classes, are caring individuals and experienced fighters themselves who have competed in the ring and won! With our own competition fighting team, TAMA has brought Muay Thai and kickboxing training to a higher level!

We are proud to be the only school certified by United World Muay Thai Association in Montgomery County area.

Muay Thai’s Fight For Respect (a news story by Terry Wilson)

Long before Muay Thai was the most popular fighting sport in the world, it was proving it’s worth in life and death struggles.

The art of Thai Boxing is a self-defense technique that is as old as Thailand itself. Thai boxing is a branch of knowledge, which has been in existence for as long as there have been Thais.

When Burma attempted to conquer Thailand by force they were eventually defeated when the Burmese army was driven back at the hands of Thai fighters using Thai boxing, spears and elephants. For more than 2,000 years, Thai boxing has played a significant role in the survival of Thailand.

Like other fighting arts, Muay Thai was born out of conflict. In 300 BE, the Thai Mung were invaded and sent fleeing for their lives to the south of Thailand. The vanquished villages developed a form of self-defense using their feet, knees, elbows and fist as a way to overcome the enemy. This evolved into the art we now know as Muay Thai.

As decades turned to centuries Thai boxing became one of the world’s most deadly styles of fighting. Nowhere was this proven truer than in the Burmese city of Rangoon when the king of Burma decided to pit his top fighter against a captured Thai boxer.

In 1767, Burma had all but conquered Thailand. To celebrate, Lord Mangra, King of the Burmese, organized a seventeen-day celebration to commemorate his good fortune. He rounded up a group of Thai prisoners, among who was Nai Khanom Tom, a famous fighter from the ancient Thai capital of Ayutha. Known as the best fighter in the land, the king thought that his demise at the hands of the Burmese boxer would humiliate the Thai captives while establishing Burmese superiority.

Prior to the fight, the Thai fighter began dancing around his opponent. This was traditional wai kru dance that Thai fighters perform to pay respect to their teachers. The spectacle confused the Burmese fighter and when the signal to begin was given Nai Khanom Tom rushed forward and swiftly overwhelmed his opponent. In a matter of seconds, the fight was over. The best the Burmese had to offer lay unconscious at the feet of the Muay Thai fighter. The bout was, however, not ruled a victory for the Thai fighter. A referee ruled the knockout illegal because the Burmese fighter had been distracted by the wai knru dance.

Nai Khanom Tom was ordered to fight nine additional Burmese boxers. He agreed to fight them to uphold the honor of Thai boxing. One by one they fell to a flurry of elbow strikes, knee thrust, kicks and punches. His last opponent was a boxing teacher from Ya Kai City. He was so badly mangled by Nai Khanom Tom’s kicks that no one dared challenge the Thai fighter again.


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