Kenpo Karate

Protecting oneself has been really essential these days. And you can simply accomplish it if you have been taught well in the best academy and with qualified trainers. Look no further, TAMA can provide you the precise level of training program you will be needing to cope with life’s threats and instances. We will expect you and will be looking forward to having you with us at our program.

This popular martial art has been handed down to his past trainees who have now turned into amazing Kenpo karate instructors. This martial art is executed by applying fast hand attack in rapid sequence with an objective. This is executed to divert a challenger’s focus and also to make sure that certain strikes struck the target.

TAMA Adult Karate

TAMA Martial Arts provides training class that focus on Tama Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu. Our distinct Tama Kenpo Karate training program stick to the traditional methods however relatively streamlined. Regardless of its simplicity, it is still challenging for martial artists when weighed to that of the other karate program in present times. It is identified to be less complicated to master than to classic Chinese Kung-Fu.

With our training program, we assist trainees boost their physical, mental, and spiritual skills. Our team strongly knew that by building these particular skills, the student’s toughness, stamina, self-confidence, and self-esteem are built at the same time.

Kid’s Karate Lesson

Kids Karate Lessons Near MeRegardless of youngsters’s fun attitude, certainly, there is still inside every single kid a fascination towards finding out something valuable to them as they grow older. As parent or guardians, it is one of your duties to discover your youngster’s passion, potential and capabilities.

Study has revealed that Martial Arts have been really beneficial not just to kids alone but to their parent or guardians too. It has been known to deliver a plenty of good effects to youngsters who participate kid’s karate classes or any martial arts.

They not only obtained skill-sets in Martial Arts disciplines for they have even acquired the suitable mindset towards living and in handling their day-to-day lives. We refer to it as knowing the life skills martial arts must offer. Furthermore, it has been a response to amongst the society’s notable issues which is bullying.

Tama Martial Arts was built to guide you achieve the above- stated beneficial impacts of Martial Arts to your children. Our team, at TAMA, A Family Martial Arts Center are a lot ready to stretch our hand in assisting parents and guardians mold their kids right into far better toddlers, all set to deal with the real life. This stuff is made possible with the aid of our accredited trainers who were taught effectively in bring out their competence to your youngsters.

We provide one-of-a-kind kid’s karate classes to youngsters aged 7-12 years old and for Mighty Kid’s Karate class aged 4 to 6 years of ages (read below).

Kettering Kid’s Karate Classes

45 years awards winning martial artsOur kid’s karate classes curriculum really helps equip these youngsters mentally, physically, and emotionally. The program focuses on improving basic motor skills and listening skills. These simple skills on how to listen well will help them enter society with defined characteristics of confidence and inspiration. Better students comes better listeners both at home and towards their future. We genuinely believe that ages 3 to 6 are the most important years of a child’s development. Our program of MIGHTY MITE enhances positive development in a fun and inspiring way.

Our courses are well-suited to the learning requirements of your kid’s karate lessons, building their physical skills and learning to focus on the subject given. However here, we not only actually build physical competencies, for we even assist in developing your young children’s attributes as to establishing self-esteem, self-reliance, and an understanding of accountability.

Awesome Positive Social Interactions With Other Kids

Your child will be exposed to positive social interactions with other students in our karate classes. Our Mighty Mite and SuperKidz Karate instructors are good models who are trained specifically to work with preschool-aged children.

GM Taningco is at the helm managing his Black Belt instructors and assistant instructors coaching these kid’s karate classes in a remarkably positive approach.


Mighty Kid’s Karate Class

As youthful as they are, youngsters on their own also require to be taught and be equipped for living. Not a single person can inform what is really going to happen in the future. Thus, it is recommended for parent or guardians to grant their kids specific training program which can be beneficial for them not only today but in the future as well. Take your youngsters to be a part of the Mighty Kid’s Karate “mighty might program” available at TAMA Family Martial Arts center.

Mighty Might classes is an exclusive program created for youngsters who are about 4 to 6 years of ages. Kids at this particular age are seen to be lively however extremely curious and really fascinated in discovering new things. Our special Martial Art course is gotten ready for them based on their desires and their capabilities. It will support their focus, their attentive capabilities, self-control, respect and instill self-confidence.

Kids vary in a number of things with that of the adults most particularly in Martial Arts. Their being lively in nature is a difficulty for trainers and every person in school yet with the system we have prepared exclusively for them, we can offer you a guarantee that learning martial arts for kids– “Mighty Kid’s Karate Class” with the age of 4 to 6 will definitely be enjoyable and educational at the same time.

The exercise and activities we have for this age are made to boost these youngsters physical, emotional, social, and mental skills. The four pointed out skills are seen to be the very essential and known to mold each and every individual. Therefore, we think that by establishing these four skills, the kids on their own will always be shaped and will be provident in their future which should be given importance to.

Apart from these main skills, we also highlight the growth of youngsters’ particular abilities including motor skills, observing skills, team effort, initiative, self-control, self-constraint, and focus. We strongly know that when these skills are established, the kid himself or herself will display preparedness toward his/her future character.

Involving your kid within this type of training regardless of his/her early age is also a great opportunity for your youngster to meet and mingle with other youngsters of his/her age. Meeting unfamiliar people at their very younger age is a great way to develop relationship that is projected to last long.

By recognizing your youngsters’ desires and capacities, we can ensure you fun-filled, educational and reliable activities in our Mighty Kid’s Karate Classes that will form your kid’s success and will also uncover your kid’s unseen specific capabilities. Register your youngster today and all together we enable your youngster to become a winner within themselves.


Give yourself or your child a “Gift Of CONFIDENCE. Help your child build lifelong skills and learn practical self-defense techniques. One of many solutions to stop being bullied.

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