Dayton Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Tama Dayton Brazilian Jiujitsu

Tama Dayton Brazilian Jiujitsu

JR Reynolds (center in pic) has come a long way for the last 11 years here at TAMA martial arts center doing the thing he loves the most practice Brazilian jiujitsu. He has garnered many belt championship thus far and one of the top brown belt in Midwest. He has helped teach the BJJ program here at TAMA Brazilian jiu-jitsu program. JR has been taught by Palhares, Shawn Hammonds, and Sensei Taningco yet JR’s humbleness reaches out to the rest of the martial arts community and among the many that he helps train at TAMA Brazilian jiu-jitsu class. The class meets three times a week and does competitive training competing against some of the best BJJ practitioners around Midwest.

Patrick has been awarded his blue belt through hard work (as seen in pic), competition and helping out his teammates. The picture says a thousand meaning with the camaraderie among the BJJ practitioners. The class foster’s the strong discipline among the BJJ players. With different types of skill levels and body size, there is plenty of challenges for themselves other than putting themselves on the competitive level outside the training ground at TAMA. The students have brought many awards of hardware that extends the appreciation of their hard training comes genuine results that embody progress and toughness. They have brought in many first places in their perspective divisions and a team championship as well.

There are many individuals that come forward to help out and teach the class. The openness among the BJJ members here at TAMA is evident that each is willing to help each other progress. Competitiveness is always there, but the respect and what the art brings the most is the humbleness among themselves. The mental toughness rolling against each other day in and day out weekly does take a toll on the body. But the beat goes on, and they keep rolling and keep improving their craft-brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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