Certified Tai-Chi Instructor

Congratulations to both Bill and Sue McCabe for achieving one of their milestone in their bucket lists to become a fully certified tai-chi instructor.

The couple finally achieved their Black Sash full instructor certification after their test in Tai-Chi under Master Taningco in traditional Yang Style Tai-Chi. It almost took 4 hours for both of them to test for their Black Sash back on September 22, 2018. Both Master Taningco and Aaron Angel was the board examiners for their test.

Bill and Sue McCabe came to Tama martial arts center to learn tai-chi recommended by a former student named Jack King. They were taking taichi class briefly in another school but they felt that Tama offer a complete comprehensive tai-chi program than anywhere else.

After 2 years of dedicated study of taichi at Tama martial arts, they were promoted to assistant instructor level. Right after that, they started teaching tai-chi in Senior Citizen in Huber Heights. They have been teaching in Senior Citizen center for the last 10 years.

Both Bill, who is 71 and Sue at 73, claimed the wonderful benefits of practicing tai-chi to their daily. According to Bill, that balance, core strength and physical activity benefitted him the most. As for Sue, flexibility, balance and were having so much pain in her joints and she opted not to take any medications for it. Instead, Bill and Sue decided to take tai-chi as a result after training 6 months into it, Sue was able to sleep painlessly and able to rest better in her sleep. Without tai chi training, she would probably be on pain medication. She mentioned that “most people in my age, experience some type of pain in their body” “so for me, it is the daily tai-chi practice that really helps me be pain-free on my joints.”

Both Bill and Sue was very instrumental in creating the Goldenqi tai-chi program that helps seniors in their sense of balance, mental fitness, and physical activity. They have been teaching this program for more than 2 years. Their sense of accomplishments for themselves just exemplify their sincere dedication and for their community finally achieving Black Sash Certificate Tai-Chi Instructor from Master Taningco.

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