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Mental Health Benefits from Martial Arts

Mental Health Benefits from Martial Arts Martial arts have been practiced for centuries around the world for self-defense, fitness, and personal development. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on the mental health benefits of martial arts. Numerous studies have shown that martial arts can improve mental health in various ways. Here are […]

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Sensei Hammonds’ Black Belt Promotions

Martial Arts Classes –

Beginners Guide For Finding The Right Class by Jaden Taningco You may be googling “Martial Arts classes near me” or “Martial Arts school” without really knowing what you’re looking for. Hopefully, my brief explanations of some of these Martial Arts styles will help you decide on what you or a child of yours want to

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What Martial Arts are Best for Women’s Self Defense?

There is a reason why an array of martial arts are practiced today. But with all of these choices, what martial arts are best for women’s self defense? Even styles that first originated hundreds or even thousands of years ago, have persisted. That is because they have been proven effective on some level and in

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Kali Training Tips

When COVID-19 first took the world by surprise, martial artists were faced with an unprecedented situation. How were we to continue our training at home? This is where Kali and Escrima training tips come in. We are all craved the opportunity to train, whether in classes, or otherwise, but our options were very limited during the lock

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