Arnold Sports Martial Arts Competition

Muay Thai Fight Competition in Voinovich Building

We arrived there early this morning with plenty of time to kill at the Arnold Sports Martial Arts Competition in Voinovich Coliseum for Nick Durst fight event for Muay Thai.

We were kind of disappointed that there were not many competitors this year. It was Master Lek who spearheaded the event with his assistant Hope Vitalis. Hope had been a strong supporter of our Muay Thai fights event for years in Dayton and asked me when we will have the fights again. Hopefully, next year Spring perhaps about May. As you know, it takes a good resource to put one together. If anyone likes to volunteer for our next Muay Thai fight event, just let me know (mt).

We missed the weight in for Nick and looks like the guy is heavier and I knew Nick had to cut some weight down to 145 fight weight. He was ready.

I met up with some old friends, Sensei Wayne Kenjiro, Chris Benavides, Rick Moore, Dee Daniels, Dennis Whitt, Doug Yates, DJ Yates jr, Steve Gross, Calvin Campbell, Brother Martin Ware (my brother disciple in Tien Shan Pai under Grandmaster Chien Liang Huang) and etc.  Of course, I took some pictures too.

I was told that the event on Saturday at the Voinovich Coliseum was huge. That’s where most of the martial arts events took place and competed other than few events remaining for this early Sunday morning.

Hunter drove with Nick and later Nick’s mom and his brother arrived and later Keith came and missed Nick’s fight. Nick was a little tense although, we thought he had the upper hand but was not able to loosen up during the fight. It was declared a draw. But most of the judges were from the same club and he is fighting a person from the same school. Anyway, lesson learned, never give the judges the decision. I am very, very proud of Nick and even though, it isn’t his best but his courage to go up and fight and continue his quest to be the best he can be. There is more of Nick in the coming months fighting in other venues. Hunter will also join Nick to be in the fighting competition mode. And here comes… Team Tama!!

The competition was short and brief but the camaraderie and seeing friends in martial arts event were great. Grandmaster Choi was there to present the medals to the fighters and greeted everyone at Arnold Sports Martial Arts Competition in Voinovich Coliseum.

This is one of the events that we were able to go home early and enjoy the weather that is coming for us.

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