After School Program

After School Martial Arts Program

Kettering After School Martial Arts Programwill provide transportation from school to the martial arts studio. All in all, it’s an enriching , dynamic, fun and positive experience for kids of all school age kids. If you have to work late and need a structured, safe and fun place for your child – call us today! We’re here to help.

Your child will learn to set goals and achieve them. They will learn to appreciate and understand respect and discipline and show it to others. And their physical condition will also improve too. After all, martial art is a great workout for kids.

After School Program  is a martial arts curriculum based program set for school age children. Offers a safe and reliable transportation that your child will be picked up from the school. Powerful martial arts training that will enhance discipline, confidence and build character. We also offer homework assistance that is supervised with plenty of games. Speaking of games, kids are kept very active, from dodge ball to reading and trivia questions. Two martial arts are offered in this After School Program. They are Kenpo Karate with practical self-defense and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for kids. We also offer healthy snacks to the children, life skills lessons and anti-bullying program that empowers them.

TAMA is NOW starting a pickup kids from their school for AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. Although, for many years, TAMA martial arts has been doing after school program with the Kettering schools at their locations, now have switched to pickup after school program from 3 to 6 pm which is a great alternative to daycare. Both martial arts and education with homework assistance are emphasized in the program. It gives the parents a break and to those parents who work until after 5 pm. A great way to have your child be active in a healthy activity that helps build their character, and valuable life skills other than self-protection and confidence. Check out this link for more info for “After School Program” –

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