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Tama Family Martial Arts Center

The Taningco Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA) Family Martial Arts and Fitness Center was established in 1976 on the principle of creating a home for those wanting to develop themselves through progressive martial arts training.

Our current TAMA martial arts center location was built in 1988 as a testament to our commitment to the development and improvement of martial arts training in the Dayton/Miami Valley area.

TAMA is a martial arts center for higher learning with a tradition of excellence in the martial arts. With nearly 44 years of serving the greater Dayton area, Grandmaster Taningco remains very active teaching the programs as the Chief Martial Arts Instructor.

Our passion is helping students set and achieve their immediate and long-term goals. Our desire is to instill in our students the martial core values of discipline, determination, dedication and self-esteem.

Ajarn Manuel Taningco - Muay Thai
Grandmaster Manuel R. Taningco – Founder of TAMA Family Martial Arts
“TAMA … building knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body through martial arts training, since 1976.”

What We Offer – Eight Diverse Martial Arts Programs

Founded on the strength of our progressive Kenpo karate program, TAMA has grown to offer a total of eight diverse martial arts training programs:

Each challenging and rewarding program has its unique focus and personality that motivates our members to grow, not only physically, but also spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. With all programs offered in the same martial arts center, students also have the option to cross-train in as many other disciplines as they wish to find what best meets their personal goals. Through proper martial arts training methodology and studies, continuous research, and fine-tuning of practical application, TAMA provides students a blueprint for success.

Separate Classes For Kids and Adults

By dividing our classes into separate age groups, our certified martial arts instructors are better able to present the material to target the physical and mental abilities appropriate for that age group.

Kids Karate And Kung-Fu Classes (For Ages 7-12)

Our kids’ curriculum emphasizes the tools to equip this age group physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our kids’ karate and kung-fu courses are well-suited to the learning requirements of young students to build their physical strength and coordination skills. Through building their physical skills, children not only actually build physical competencies, but also develop other attributes of confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, and an understanding of accountability. Our classes also afford children the opportunity to develop their sense of sociability, as the classes provide the opportunity to meet, interact, and grow with their new-found friends through the common bond of the martial arts. Activities are performed by the group help them understand the value of diversity, teamwork, and unity.

Mighty Mite Kid’s Karate Class (For Ages 4-6)

The Mighty Mite class is an exclusive program created for youngsters who are about 4 to 6 years of ages. Kids at this age are seen to be lively, extremely curious, and fascinated with discovering new things. Our special Mighty Mites class capitalizes on these energies while offering age-appropriate activities to channel their desires and capabilities. Our program supports their focus, their attentive capabilities, self-control, and respect, and instills self-confidence.

Adult Programs (For Age 13 And Up)

Our adult programs span all eight of our martial arts training disciplines. Each system is presented in a progressive manner that starts a firm foundation of basic techniques and advances into more complex skills. These programs provide proven, classical training methods that continually evolve to meet the students’ needs as they develop. Whether the objective is self-defense or self-discovery or both, TAMA’s adult programs provide the precise level of martial arts training needed to achieve these goals.


Virtue, Wisdom, Humility, Martial Arts

The art of Kuoshu (coming from the Chinese characters for “national art”) is the ancestral Chinese terminology for the complete variation of Chinese martial arts and is created to improve the certain person from a physical perspective. We exercise the Tien Shan Pai motto to establish the absolute individual, not just the physical, but the mind, body and spirit.

Virtue 德( dé).

Virtue consists of calibers including morality, kindness, ethics, good character, undertaking the appropriate thing, sincerity, mindfulness, and even gallantry. The committed martial specialist chooses in their life — inside and outside of the US Kuoshu Studio — persistent with the fundamentals of virtue.


Wisdom 智( zhì).

Wisdom is thought that happens as a result of life experience. It is not simply expertise acquired from studying a handbook or getting a training course. The clever person has a point of view that is wider than their own perspective; they have the ability to combine many contexts, and recognize the lasting effects of picking one path or another. To propagate wisdom, one requires to be open, aware, and cautious at all times.


Humility 謙( qiān).

As martial professionals build physical and mental expertise, it becomes significantly vital to toughen these achievements with humbleness. Martial arts are used to protect oneself as a last option. If we misuse our ability with cocky actions, bragging, or daunting others, we take shame to our System and our instructors. There is always the chance that we can discover more about any undertaking, including martial arts. The more we feel that we know, the less open we are to learn. Grow a “beginner’s mind” when approaching Kuoshu training course or other things in life. Think of yourself an unfilled cup standing by to be loaded with something new and interesting. If you are already loaded, everything new will just spillover and be thrown away.

Martial Art 武( wǔ).

Martial Art 武( wǔ).

This character holds the meaning of martial arts competence. It can also indicate valor, courage, and ferociousness. All of the attributes in our motto are essential, but we put this value last. This arrangement is intended. Enhancing our martial arts capability is the focal point of our everyday training at the US Kuoshu Studio but it is not our utmost intention. Our main objective is to establish into the best possible individuals we can be. Persistent and committed training in Chinese martial arts can help us better individually. This classic Chinese method– our teaching procedures, our course material, and our focus on character– identifies the US Kuoshu Studio from other, less traditional schools.



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