45th Year Anniversary

45th Year Anniversary

Reaching a milestone of teaching 45 years is one and reaching the retirement age is another. But yet GM Taningco is NOT yet ready to retire at 65. He is just beginning to enjoy the fruits of his love, teaching martial arts and mentoring students to be the champion in their choice of life and living.

This also mark his 45 year teaching in Dayton area since 1976. GM Taningco still consider himself a student to this day. As he stated, “student learn lifetime”. Teachers lead and guide and also learn from students.

It seems not long ago, that when GM Taningco was walking in the neighbors of Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, in one of the summer vacation with his mother, neighbors were bowing to his mother. She was greeted with respect. “I did not quite understand what that was all about at that time” said, Taningco.

I was about 6 years of age at that time. She was a school teacher. And many have grown up in that neighbor and still remembered her as their teacher when they were young in elementary school. It was fate, and destiny, that I too would become a teacher.  Students and I would bow to each other and greet one another as I reflect on those days when I was very young walking around the neighbor with my mother in Bacarra.

Will Dagpin and Carl Piper drove more than 2 hours to get here to train this past Saturday. Will came from Zainesville and Carl about another hour farther away to the east.

Ed Cortez also joined us for the training of “Tallo Ima” which is based on knife blade training. Timing, sensitivity, application for close quarter combative “Tallo Ima”. Both Christine and Jim Fisher also joined us for the training from Loudenville. Christine is one of the student of GM Taningco since 1981. She holds the annual open karate championship in her hometown called “Spooktacular” Martial Arts Championship.

The family art of Willow is derived from the Robles family. Robles translate to the meaning of the word “Willow” it refers to the tree. So Taningco coined his family art the “Willow System” – the long branches for its long reach and small leaves for close quarter. How the Willow flows and so as the movement flow within. Robles came from Spain. My grandfather was part Spanish which is the influence of Spanish occupation for almost 400 years in the Philippines. This System is not known because it was not shared till the last 5 years or so by GM Taningco. He is now sharing the information that he has held for many years. The art is based on blade training and the effectiveness of the empty hand application.

We are now scheduling seminars again this year and hopefully, with God’s blessing with this Covid-19 going on that we can move forward with our lives back to somewhat normal. Carrying on the legacy of teaching martial arts in our 45th year Anniversary!!!

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