2019 Chinese New Year Celebration

Tama Celebrates 2019 Chinese New Year

This year the student from TAMA Martial Arts Kung Fu, Taiji, and Kenpo Karate disciplines, along with students from the Huber Heights Senior Center Taiji class gathered at a local Chinese restaurant, China Cottage in Springboro Ohio, to celebrate the 2019 Chinese New Year celebration of “Year of the Earth Pig”, on Saturday February 9th, 2019.    The weather had quickly turned cold again reminding everyone it was still winter in Ohio.  We had expected over 25 people, but due to illness and other life events, we only had 21 attend the dinner. Our special guest Grandmaster Manuel Taningco honored us with his attendance.

Grandmaster Taningco offered us a few stories and insights of past and new adventures he has planned.  He also updated us on students and friends that have moved on.  Grandmaster Taningco took a few snapshots of the gathering, even went as far as to climb up on a neighboring table to get an inclusive group shot.

The conversation among the guest was lively and wide-ranging during our 2019 Chinese New Year celebration gathering at China Cottage.  We had some Kung Fu/Taiji student still going to school; we even had a few Kenpo Karate students that received belt promotions after testing earlier that day, while others Taiji students were retired and enjoying their time with friends and family.

The friendly wait staff at the restaurant took our orders for drinks and gave us more time to figure out what we wanted from their vast menu of delights.  Several pots of tea were requested, along with other soft drinks.  It as a cold day and the students wanted something warm to shed off the cold of the evening air.   While the majority of people were ordering their favorites meals we ordered the “Pao Pao Combination” appetizers for each table. The platter was impressive, with a little pot of Flames and a wide variety of tidbits to eat.

Everyone shared or offered a sample of their favorite meal to their fellow student.  Some students had traditional dishes, while others opted for the more exotic ones.   All of the guests enjoyed their food and had a good time talking to new and old friends.

Once the meal was done and the dishes cleared we presented the wait staff with the traditional “Red Envelope” thanking them for their service and wishing them a “Happy New Year”.   They were very happy and grateful for the gesture and acknowledgment of the Spring Holiday festival.

The TAMA Kung Fu, Taiji and Kenpo students along with the Huber Height Senior Center Taiji students after celebrating the 2019 Chinese New Year dinner said their goodbyes and wish everyone well and stated we will see most everyone again on World Tai Chi Day at the end of April.

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