October 2016

Best Karate Classes For Kids

Best Karate Classes For Kids

TAMA Martial Arts Center – A family martial arts center have the best karate classes for kids and families. A modern up to date martial arts facility have been focused on serving families for the last 40 years. TAMA Martial Arts Center have been dedicated helping increase self-confidence, self-discipline, undivided concentration, self-respect, self-awareness, agility, better coordination, […]

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Mighty Might karate class

Kid’s Karate Kettering

Kid’s Karate Kettering Program Master Taningco’s Kid’s Karate Kettering Celebrate 40th year Anniversary In Dayton Area! Kid’s Karate Kettering program has been around for the last 40 years founded by Grandmaster Taningco. Taningco started the Kid’s Karate Kettering program in 1976 when most martial arts studios are teaching adults with kids. He designed and structured the

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Kids Karate Championship

Kids Karate Championship

Dayton Ultimate Kids Karate Championship Gathered Wins Dayton Ultimate Kids karate Championship is an open martial arts tournament was held at the Five Seasons Family Sports Club in the Dayton area. The karate tournament was sponsored by Malealk Young. The competition team of TAMA Karate led by Grandmaster Taningco participated in one of the largest tournaments

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Jadens Red Belt Test Promotion

Jaden 18th Birthday

Jaden 18th Birthday Coming Around The Corner! I am proud to have 5 kids of my own and 5 grandchildren plus 1 coming out soon into this world of challenge. One of my children will be turning 18 this coming week. Jaden 18th birthday is around the corner this month. He did NOT want to

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Kids Karate Belt Promotion Day

Kids Karate Belt Promotion

Testing Day For Kids Karate Belt Promotion At TAMA Martial Arts Center October 15, 2016, is the Kids Karate Belt Promotion day held at TAMA Martial Arts Center, 1753 Woodman Dr. Kettering, Ohio 45420. The kids go to a process of brief quizzes and evaluation and completion with their TAMA Student Handbook before final belt

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