May 2016

Karate Class

Capture the flag anyone in Karate Class? A unique way to teach kids in Karate Class working together Today Tuesday, May, 24 was a beautiful day. TAMA’s kid’s karate class went outside after the 15-minute warm-up and conditioning. Our field on the left next to TAMA building is an acre of just grassland under the bright […]

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Kid’s Karate Kettering

Kid’s Karate Kettering

Kid’s Karate Kettering program has been around for the last 40 years founded by Grandmaster Taningco. Taningco started the Kids karate program in 1976 when most martial arts studios are teaching adults with kids. He designed and structured the curriculum for the kids karate martial arts program in his TAMA martial arts center. With the

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Anti-Bullying Program

KID’S ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAM TAMA Offers A Unique Way Of Empowering Children With Anti-Bullying Program Having your child enroll in any martial arts class or karate is one of the best decision a parent can take to prevent bullying, the TAMA Kid’s Anti Bullying Program offers such know-how. Why so? Because martial arts training can attribute

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Filipino Kali

FMA Filipino Kali At TAMA TAMA has pioneered the Filipino Kali Martial Arts in this greater Dayton area. Grandmaster Taningco is responsible in bringing his family Filipino Kali system of Willow style from his grandfather Lorenzo Robles. Taningco also brought the three different instructors in this area for the promotion of Filipino Kali – Philippine

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Karate Tournament

All-Star Kid’s Karate Tournament Championship Karate Tournament is in 40th year Grandmaster Taningco will be hosting a kid’s martial arts Karate Tournament event strictly for children under 18 and under Black Belt Divisions. It is his 40th year Anniversary in teaching martial arts in the greater Dayton area. Taningco had taught from up NORTH of

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Force Be With You

Star Wars Reveals Some Deep Meaning – Force Be With You I hope you’ve all had another wonderful Star Wars day, I know I have. “Force be with you“. I was looking through one of my favorite Taoism blogs and came across a short post about Star Wars and the Tao. I thought it might

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