2015 Fall Nunchaku and Kali Combative Knife Seminars

Nunchaku Seminar by Grandmaster Taningco, former weapons expert advisor to Chuck Norris UFAF organization. Former Weapons World Champion and Full Contact. GM Taningco will share his Kali methods of nunchaku (Tabak-Toyok-system) shared to him by his elder brother Alex Taningco. Learn the intricate movements of kali way thru the nunchaku/Tabak-Toyok weapons training. Beginners and advanced are welcome.

The seminar is for both children and adults.

Saturday December 29, 2015
1:00 – 2:50pm
$45 per person includes a snack and your own set of padded nunchakus valued at $20

  • Learn to develop speed and reaction time with a knife and against the knife attacks.
  • Learn simple effective movements with knife and into empty hand application as same knife movement.
  • Learn tapping drills and controlling drills. Learn the block, parry and counter drills
  • And learn to be an effective knife fighter and defender. Learn to free flow with anyone.

Saturday December 29, 2015
3:00 – 5:00pm
$50 per person. Register before December 12 and received $10 off the Kali seminar
Call today (937)254-7035
TAMA Fall Seminar

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