2014 TAMA Nationals Tournament

We’re pleased to announce the 2014 TAMA Nationals Tournament, an open karate and kung fu event taking place on April 19, 2014 in Dayton, OH. This tournament is open to all age groups and styles and will include open hand kata, weapons kata, and point sparring events. Stay tuned for more details!

Registration Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am.
Registration Fee:   $40 per competitor at the door for  all three events.
( Forms, Weapons, Sparring )
$35 Preregistration for all three events if paid in full by April 12, 2014.
No Refunds
Cash Only on Event Day.
Spectator Admission: $5 per person ( Children under 4 Free )
Black Belt Meeting:     11:00 – 11:30 am..
Competitions Starts:   11:30 am.
Tournament Informational Flyer
Event starts at noon on April 19, 2014
Belmont High School
2615 Wayne Ave.
Dayton OH

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