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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

September 17, 2016 awebmaster 0

Team TAMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Takes Top Honors Last Saturday, September 10, our TEAM TAMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition Team group was lead by none other JR […]

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Belt Test

September 8, 2016 awebmaster 0

Seth’s Green Belt Test Day Seth Brown has been a student for about 12 months now.  Seth’s Green Belt test day came and challenged his […]

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Holiday Home Parade

September 7, 2016 awebmaster 0

Kettering Holiday Home Parade 2016 Celebrating Grandmaster Taningco 40th year anniversary started with HOLIDAY HOME PARADE. Over 25 students had participated along with some parents who […]

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After School Program

September 7, 2016 awebmaster 0

After School Martial Arts Program After School Program will provide transportation from school to the martial arts studio. All in all, it’s an enriching , dynamic, […]

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Karate Class

May 25, 2016 awebmaster 0

Capture the flag anyone in Karate Class? A unique way to teach kids in Karate Class working together Today Tuesday, May, 24 was a beautiful […]

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Kid’s Karate Kettering

May 23, 2016 awebmaster 0

Kid’s Karate Kettering Kid’s Karate Kettering program has been around for the last 40 years founded by Grandmaster Taningco. Taningco started the Kids karate program […]

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Anti-Bullying Program

May 21, 2016 awebmaster 0

KID’S ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAM TAMA Offers A Unique Way Of Empowering Children With Anti-Bullying Program Having your child enroll in any martial arts class or karate […]

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Filipino Kali

May 20, 2016 awebmaster 0

FMA Filipino Kali At TAMA TAMA has pioneered the Filipino Kali Martial Arts in this greater Dayton area.Grandmaster Taningco is responsible in bringing his family […]

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Karate Tournament

May 13, 2016 awebmaster 0

All-Star Kid’s Karate Tournament Championship Karate Tournament is in 40th year Grandmaster Taningco will be hosting a kid’s martial arts Karate Tournament event strictly for […]

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